Amazon Echo Dot, Skullcandy Hesh 2, Cell Service and Fire TV

By | January 27, 2018

The combination literally rocks.  With a whisper "Alexa, play Van Halen station on Pandora," my ears are treated to a band I have enjoyed for more than three decades.

Bass and treble response are where they should be.  Over-the-ear design helps shut out the rest of the world.

I can say enough about the Echo Dot with Alexa Services.   I'm sure similar things could be said about the Google equivalent, but I don't have that device, so I can't comment.

I have mobility issues and a disability that causes incredible pain.  The levels of pain cause me to not want to touch things.  Just laying a finger on something can be inordinately painful.  Voice recognition is coming to my rescue.

The device allows me to make phone calls through my cell.  I have limited control over my Fire TV.

I have not yet tried to connect it to my house phone.  Mainly, because I didn't think about it being Bluetooth enabled until just now.  I'll need to research that....

I know these Voice Recognition devices are not being marked to the mobility impaired, but they should .  I understand you may need someone to go into the house to set up and train the user on what they can/cannot do.  However, the value added by combining these devices with controllers are incredible.  If you have a loved one that has ability issues, please, research the devices, and make up your own mind.

Thanks for reading,

Jay C. Theriot