Amazon Fire -- Development Platform? (AWD - IDE For Web Dev)

By | February 24, 2018

No, really.  I think I can deal with that.  Many years ago, when I first became addicted to Android devices, I gave AWD - IDE For Web Dev a shot.  I quickly paid a few dollars and got the full-featured version.  The motivation for such was that I had multiple websites I was working on and the full version remembered more than one connection.

The major event that made me a believer of AWD - IDE happened a weekend that I spent away from home, outside of Kentwood, La on a ranch where I had no WiFi, but I did have my Android phone.  

A tropical system was named.  I fired up AWD - IDE on my cell, tapped into my server, activated the tracking mechanisms, and boom!  JayCTheriot.Com was actively tracking a storm, a thousand or so miles away, put in motion by a geek and his cell hours away from his server, typing with his thumbs.

To say the least, my system has increased in its complexity since then.  I haven't used AWD in years.  During that time, a former colleague suggested that I start using a GitHub to keep my code revisions in.  I hate to say that I have not yet fully implemented the GitHub, but may now.

I found that AWD - IDE supports Git.  Amazon Fire supports AWD, and WordPress.  I now have full access to my code wherever I am, carrying nothing more than my tablet, my cell and a pocket keyboard.

I am gaining significant faith in Amazon products.  I've now got four Echo Dots in my abode, a Fire TV stick and an FireHD Tablet that controls them all.  Now, it seems that the little tablet will allow me to control two enterprise-class servers hosting about 60 virtual computers, over 8 domains and fleet of sub-domains.

I love development and technology.  I may be mobility impaired, but it doesn't mean that my equipment has to be.

Thanks for reading,

Jay C. "Jazzy_J" Theriot