Curious and Curiouser - Facebook Security Breach?

By | March 20, 2018

Rule #1 of Internet security:  If you don't want people to see it, don't put it on-line.

I think the case to watch will be how the Justice Department addresses the misappropriation of data from Facebook.  Notice, I didn't use the term "breach."  The issue, contrary to much of popular media, is not a breach.  The information was freely available on Facebook.  Users agreed to it.

Could FB done more to restrict access? Yes.

Could the user have done more to restrict access?  Yes, and much easier.

I had a conversation with another developer about designing web-sites.  She does all her web-site development on free services and on Facebook itself.  I said, and I do, all my significant posts from self-hosted sites when then send the links to Facebook, along with other social media outlets.  The reason is data ownership.  If I want to pull an article, I do.  It breaks the link to the article at the social media outlet and it deprives the user access to the information.

The conversation ended.

People, we need to take responsibility for what we put on line as well as how we put it on-line.

Technology is consistently years, if not decades, ahead of the legal realm of reality.  This means that the legal system is incapable of protecting us in a large number of ways.

I own my data.  I stand by it.  My websites all have some form of my name:,  This is not a narcissistic reach for glorification.  It is an attempt to say: "Hey, look, this is me and I stand by it."  It is an attempt to give a level of validity of my information.

There was no security breach of Facebook information.  Unless you want to consider our ill informed actions the breach.

What will really be resounding is how the legal institutions react to this issue.  It could be the downfall of Facebook.  So, then, where will all those people, like the former developer I spoke of, be without their microphone of Facebook?

My reaction will be simple:  I just redirect my efforts to another social media outlet.  Oh, wait, I already do.  OK, so my publication efforts will really not be affected by Facebook's potential sudden disappearance from the Internet.  Not saying it would happen, but it could.

Thanks for reading,

Jay C. "Jazzy_J" Theriot