First Amendment Protections on the Internet in 2018

By | August 25, 2018

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"OK, Jazzy_J", you may ask me, "what does it look like when someone exercises their First Amendment Freedoms on the Internet?"

If you are reading this article, you are seeing it.  You may be reading this article on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+.  However, this material is not theirs. I use social media outlets as a platform, not a media.  I rarely type something on a social media platform.  The text, photos, music and videos, all originate from my servers, on my Internet lines and I share that material to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

"Great," you say.  "I'll just get a droplet from Amazon Web Services, or any of the other millions of web hosts."  Guess what, you must abide by their standards and you don't have rights there either.

Now, the argument could be made that I have to abide by AT&T's acceptable use standards as they are my provider.  That could be so.  I would offer up that assertion as my reason for supporting and Net Neutrality.

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