JayCTheriot.Com Holdings (as comprehensive as I can be)

By | April 19, 2018

I attended a funeral yesterday and people were presently surprised to find out about the equipment that drives JayCTheriot.Com Enterprises.

I'll endeavor to provide a comprehensive list.

The drop is the best that AT&T can provide to my residence (5 Mbps up/50 Mbps down).  Shortly, this will be upgraded to a 1 Gbps up/down line.  Throughout my LAN is Gbps.

I have two rack-mountable Dell R420 Servers driving 24-cores (of fury) each.  Both have 4x3TB.  One server is in a RAID5+1 configuration and the other is in a RAID5 array.  I have somewhere upwards of 11 TB of RAID storage.  Total RAM among the two is about 128 GB.

The core OS is Ubuntu 17.04 LTS.  I am using LXD to crank out 47 virtual servers assigned mundane tasks such as DNS, DHCP, numerous web servers and NTP.  However, among these are servers that do more interesting tasks as grabbing weather data from the web, analyzing the captured data, creating graphs and charts and then publishing them to the world.

In addition to LXD, KVM/QEMU provide an additional 10 virtual servers that are mostly Microsoft Windows instances that provide me with a virtualized development environment easily accessible from the world outside (not that I often get there, but it is nice to have access from Kentwood, etc).

Internal to the LAN are a few other desktops, laptops, and single-board computers that provide simple network services and configuration repositories which help me create and destroy resources.

My core development system is a Dell Optiplex 990 with a upgraded graphics card, monitors, 16 GB RAM, ~6 TB storage running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with virtual Windows 10 and Windows 7 desktops.  This configuration allows me to engage in rapid application development (RAD) as well as providing a tour-d-force programming and web development environments.

Audio, Video, web authoring, design, numerical and statistical analysis are only the items that my environment allows me to do. I especially love manipulating large data sets.

Most of the equipment is on UPS to provide continued function through power issues.

I think I completed a brief overview of my playroom.  For a quick glance at a list of guest hosts that I provide service to external organizations, please view the light-weight landing page at JayCTheriot.Com in the upper-right hand corner.


Jay C. "Jazzy_J" Theriot