MyMedia Skill for Alexa Services from Amazon

By | February 16, 2018

All right.  Alexa Services just got incredibly cooler thanks to the techs producing the MyMedia Skill.

I run my own internal media server.  However, you don't need to do that.  All you need is to

  1. enable the skill,
  2. download a small application that runs on the computer that has your music,
  3. select the streaming folders,
  4. connect the accounts and
  5. give Alexa the command to play.

Freaking awesome!

"Alexa, ask My Media to play music by Van Halen"

Here is a nice review of it:

This works. And I love it. As of the current version (October 19 2017), your voice commands need to be specific:
“Alexa, ask My Media to play SONGS by (insert artist here)”
“Alexa, ask My Media to play the ALBUM (insert album title here)”
“Alexa, ask My Media to play (insert song title here)”
"Alexa, ask My Media to play my (insert playlist name here) playlist"
"Alexa, ask My Media to play some jazz music"

You cannot generalize or alter the commands too much. For example, you cannot say:
“Alexa, ask My Media to play jazz music”
She will either play a song title with jazz in the tile or an album with jazz in the title or say she can’t find it.
To get genres, you must say "Alexa, ask My Media to play SOME jazz music" and the genre will play.

You must get familiar with the commands and remember to be specific, and it'll work like a charm.

Your library may also offer some tags/info that will have you wondering why it's not working. For example, Alexa has trouble recognizing Harry Connick Jr and Dr Hook. It is because of the abbreviations in their names, "Jr" and "Dr". If asked for just Harry Connick, Alexa gets it right. If asked for D-R Hook, saying D and R instead of doctor, Alexa also gets it right. Again, specificity in your commands.

Having trouble? Emailing the help desk will get a response/assistance although it may take 1 or 2 days to receive a reply (based on my experience only).

I've read some people having trouble mapping the path to their library from the online local host My Media dashboard. If you aren't familiar with where your library is, this is understandable. On my Mac using an iTunes library, this is the path I found on the INDEXING screen of the local host dashboard that comes up, hopefully it works for you:
- Click the Folder that has no name assigned (was be at the top for me)
- Scroll down to the USERS folder and click that
- Click your USER NAME
- Click MUSIC
- Click ITUNES
- Click ITUNES MUSIC LIBRARY.xml (this won't be a folder, just a line)
You should then have a enabled green OK button, click that and wait about 5 minutes for the system to load your library and playlists.

Still very happy overall and am confident the team behind this app will work to further perfect it.

Nice, just freaking nice.

I haven't gotten it to play on the everywhere group, but oh well.  I'll still have to stream from Amazon or Pandora for times when I want synchronized music to play on the complete system.

Thanks for reading,

Jay C. "Jazzy_J" Theriot