NSA v. Russia & China - Who do you prefer to know your life?

By | June 3, 2015

The Internet should be dubbed the "Modern Frontier" as it is currently full of Cowboys, marshals, damsels and demons.

In the 1800s, people used to carry a six-shooter to protect their lives.  Now, pistols are not sufficient to protect your life, we must elevate our knowledge of the information networks that intrude so much into our lives.  Personal information security is no longer an option.

I find it interesting how many pundits there are out there condemning the National Security Agency for breaking into our conversations and tracking our information streams.  The NSA is a US Government Agency.  They are charged with insuring National Security.  They really do not care if you are involved in an illicit affair with your neighbors daughter.  That is, unless, your neighbor is a suspected terrorist or agent from a hostile intelligence service.

Russia and China, however, have documented state-sponsored cyber-terrorism.  That is, the governments of these countries pay their people to hack into US Citizens (that you and me) computers and steal information.  Yet, the same people that routinely attack the NSA have nil to say about Russia and China.

I run a website, on a server I manage and own myself.  I see the logs of their attempts and sometimes, it is a bit much for me to handle.  I have been taken off line temporarily 3 times this year because of foreign attacks.  It has been a learning experience and they are denied recognition by my server.  I say this, because I want you to know that I have personal evidence of their attacks.

I have yet to be attacked by the NSA.  Hmmmm.  Comments are a little disproportionate against the NSA when Russia and China are real problems.

So, forgive me if I scoff at claims that the NSA is out to get us.  I would rather they penetrate my information network than foreign governments that would like nothing better than the USA to be trashed.

I will also repeat:  If you aren't encrypting your data, you don't have a leg to stand on when complaining about someone hacking into your system.  It is called "Reasonable Expectation of Privacy."  Encryption gives you REP.  If you don't have REP (communication on the Internet and on wireless devices, you have none), you can't complain.  Your neighbor, your country or the KGB, GRU or China can hear you loud and clear.

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