Personal Information Security

Personal information security is for everyone and everyone that touches an electronic communication device must know the device's vulnerabilities and what their expectations of privacy really are.

Jay's Cafe' aims to bring technical information to the masses.  There is much information at our fingertips, thanks the the Internet, most of the time, we hit overload very quickly.  A constant battle waged by this organization is the analyzing of the validity of available data.  In that vein, this site aims to be a "best-practices" information interchange.

Cell phones, wireless phones, Internet connected devices, X-boxes, Wiis, iTouches, air conditioner control units, web-cams, etc.  In general, we don't realize the avenues of infiltration that we have all around us.  We live in an "Internet of Things."  To survive and protect ourselves, we can either be a troglodyte, or we can learn how to protect them.

My personal aim is seamless technology integration to better the human condition with as much safety and security as feasible.   Jay's Cafe' welcomes you to the site and hope you find decent and valid information that you can both understand and use in your daily life.

Thanks for reading,
Jay C. Theriot

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