Why I Think Facebook Has Zero Liability in this Scandal

By | April 7, 2018

There is considerable rhetoric about fines Facebook is facing and how wrong they are for doing what they did.

However, I would like to present a different probable course of action that I think is much more likely to take place.

Nothing. No fines. There may be some laws passed and changes made to Facebook that would allow the user (that's you and me) to "opt-out" of advertisements to secure your data.... for a fee.  Yes, a subscription service.

Facebook, MySpace before it, Twitter and a host of other Internet "Free" services earn their money by presenting you with advertisements and selling your information.

Quick, raise your hand, all of you that paid for the pro version of "Words with Friends."  My hand is up.  Not for convenience, but because it stops the advertisements.  Sure, there is still tracking of my usage, but the data they gather on me is less.

We, the people, have an antagonistic view of security.  We want to be protected, but we don't want to take any steps to protect ourselves.

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article and posted some things about sending secure emails so that our information could not be "sniffed."  I was hounded and insulted and said that only major geeks like myself thought about those things.  Now, there are 87 million Americans that are thinking about, maybe they should have increased their knowledge of security.

Here's the catch: Every time you sign on to Facebook, you accept their terms of agreement.  You agree to give them your data.  If you take a quiz, you give your data to whomever hosts the quiz.  When you share a controversial news story, you share your data to whomever hosts the news story.

A couple of weeks ago, I started researching every post that was shared to my account.  All, that is 100%, of the controversial articles were hosted overseas, away from the libel and slander laws of the United States.  I wonder why? My Facebook friends stopped sharing things to my page.

We need to "get smart" about our computer usage.  Blindly clicking yes on an agreement gets us into trouble.  Maybe not today.  For for times to come.  Oh, wait, I'm sorry.  It looks like a foreign government has already played us against ourselves.

I will be watching intensely as the proceeds in the Facebook case goes.  However, I still fail to see where Mark Zuckerberg has any legal liability in the matter at all.  What you post on the web is public.  Learn it, live it.

Meet in person.  How about at a church, synagogue or mosque?  I can name a few good ones for you.

The digital domain is virtual.  It is a method of mass communication.  However, we are no longer communicating, we are shouting.  Furthermore, we are all sheeple.  It is time to get to a Steeple.  Yes, I meant the bad rhyme.

In Christ,

Jay C. "Jazzy_J" Theriot