Review: Windows 10 Enterprise

By | May 2, 2015

Yes, I am running Windows 10 Enterprise Preview.  I must go on record as saying that I am in the stark minority of people that like the App Screen of Windows 8.1 (not 8.0 - that was horrible).  However, what we have in Windows 10 is a much more refined user experience.  I will add to this review as time progresses to include good, bad and ugly things I discover about the operating system.

2015-05-02  Initial Impressions:

I've been running the preview in virtual machines for about 5 months now, but with little use.  As of two days ago, I installed the regular edition and the enterprise editions on metal.  Consequently, I am typing this post from a Latitude E6430 running Win 10 Ent.  My initial impressions are that I love it, and it hates Java (as Win 8.1 did).

The driver pack I downloaded from Dell were the 8.1 driver versions.  They installed without so much as a hickup.  This hearkens back to a conversation I had with a Microsoft Engineer saying internally, they are referring to Win 10 as Windows 8 with a start menu.  This tells me that Microsoft did a lot of work on the interface, but not the kernel.

The start menu is an eclectic conglomeration of mish-mashed tiled icons and program titles.  To the left, are small tiles followed by the program names.  These are separated by ----<alphabet>----.  I guess they are realizing that if you can put a 2 TB drive in a laptop, people are going to install a lot of programs.  To the right, is a tiled start menu.  You may expand this start menu full-screen by clicking on the the expand icon in the upper right.  I do have to say, I like the menu expand feature.  It works well and you can easily see your most-used or favorite programs.

I am seriously considering upgrading my mother-in-law to Win 10 when it becomes publicly available.  I don't know if it will replace Debian/Ubuntu as my favorite environment, but.... hmmmmm.

Task View:  Incredible.  It adjust the opacity of open tasks and arranges them so you can see them all on the screen at once.

Oh yeah:  You can expand the cli beyond 80 columns... Finally after 20+ years.


Xming and Putty with port-forwarding works nicely.

Installing HexChat along with the Python, Perl and vcredist modules.


Ran into trouble with an update.  Evidently, 2 GB is not enough for Win 10.  I have it running on a laptop with 4 GB RAM and it is very happy, and so am I.  I did run into trouble activating Office 2010.  I had to do it manually.  Although a colleague of mine says in Office 2013 they fixed the bug, I haven't installed Office 2013 so I can't confirm it.  I may do it in the upcoming weeks.

Nothing I have installed, as of yet, had to be run in compatibility mode.  I'm sure this will occur as I continue to build my environment.

I do like Edge, aka Project Spartan.  It is the new Internet browser from MicroSoft.  It seems to be lightweight and functional.

There is much bad press out there about Windows 10.  At this moment, I don't share the sentiments.  I believe MicroSoft may have finally given us a system they can be proud of.